There are different stages in any startup:

  • 0-to-1 (finding product-market fit)

  • 1-to-10 (scaling up company processes, structures, fundraising)

  • 10-to-100 (larger fundraising, pre-IPO)

  • 100-to-1,000,0000 (scaleup to IPO)

1-to-10 is a newsletter about the tech startup scene in Southeast Asia (S.E.A), mainly Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. We go deep on finance, strategy, operations, business model in startups.

S.E.A is fascinating. Much has been written about US companies, but SEA startup founders, operators and funds do not write much publicly about this area and I see a gap here.

1-to-10 is collection of things I’ve learned and thought about in the trenches as an operator. It’s meant to serve as a playbook of sorts for the stuff I wish I learned earlier in my career, both from experience and from copying people smarter than myself.

This is what I will cover

(1) Learnings as a SEA startup operator : 6 years of professional experience in SEA has given me tons of learnings. I break down my learnings here:

(2) Business model breakdowns: I will break down the technology sector into various sub-sectors and research, write about them.

(3) Company deep-dives: I will analyze various SEA companies, dive deep into their financials and strategies; and hopefully draw actionable insights.

(5) Book summaries & recommendations: I read a ton of books on startups, politics, productivity and self-improvements. My recent interest is in climate change.

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